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SAP Calculations FAQ's

 Do you have a question regarding SAP Calculations? Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below. However if you have a question that isn't answered below, or you want to find out more, please contact us on 07912 120 052 , or fill out the enquiry form below.

What is a SAP calculation?

A SAP calculation takes into account all the thermal elements of a building such as walls, roof, windows ect and combines it with the methods of heating, controls, numbers of lights etc to calculate the carbon emissions.  There is a Target rate (TER) and a Dwelling emission rate  (DER) the Dwelling has to emit less than its target.

Do I need a SAP Calculation?

All new build Properties require a SAP calculation completing and issuing to the Building Inspector Prior to commencement. Conversions for building to new dwellings also require a SAP calculation. Extensions that have 25% glazing also require a SAP calculation based on a Notional building.

What if the specification isn't finalised?

We list all assumptions for any missing data and can update this as the design develops.

Do I need an EPC?

Before a new property can be sold an EPC is required. The EPC is generated from the designs stage SAP calculation which is updated with any changes to the Specifications. The air test figure will also be put into the property.

How long do these take to produce?

SAP calculations will normally be produced in a week.  EPCs take 24hrs from the air test.

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