Party Wall Surveyor in Nottinghamshire

Party Wall Surveyor in Nottinghamshire

Here at Route5 Construction Services Ltd we offer specialist a specialist Party Wall Surveyor Service throughout Nottinghamshire.

As specialist Party Wall surveyors, we work within the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. This Act puts steps in place to safeguard the rights of those undertaking certain types of building work and their adjoining owners. Ensuring lawful appliance, The Party Wall Act protects the building owner undertaking the works, whilst also protecting the adjoining owners rights in the event of damage occurring.

What is the Party Wall Act?

Although the Party Wall Act is relatively recent, similar Acts have been in force within the London area for hundreds of years. The basis of the Party Wall Act continues to define and affirm the rights of a person (referred to as the building owner) wishing to cut into a Party Wall or to excavate for new foundations within six metres of an adjoining structure (subject to certain criteria). The neighbour(s) that either share ownership of the Party Wall or are within six metres of the new excavations are referred to as the ‘adjoining owner’. Both parties may appoint a Party Wall surveyor if the building work is subject to the Party Wall Act.

Expert Party Wall Surveyor Service Nottinghamshire

Any building owner wishing to undertake works subject to the Party Wall Act must follow the correct procedure. There is a set process to follow that has substantial practical benefits for all persons involved.

We offer Party Wall Guidance for individual or joint applications with a quick, cost-effective method complying fully with the Party Wall Act. Contact us on 07912 120 052today.

Our Party Wall  Surveyor Service Nottinghamshire

At Route5 we prepare a fair and impartial Party Wall Agreement that includes:

  • The right to execute the Party Wall works
  • The time and manner of executing any Party Wall work
  • Protection of the neighbouring structure during and after the works
  • Coverage of common matters that may arise
  • In normal circumstances the Party Wall surveyors will also prepare a report called a “schedule of condition”, of the neighbouring property before work starts in order to protect the interests of both parties in the event of a later claim for damages.

Party Wall Costs Nottinghamshire

Typically, the building owner proposing the works will pay all the Party Wall costs associated with drawing up the Party Wall Award if the works are solely for his/her benefit. Where a difference is deemed to have arisen, and before the Party Wall surveyors produce the Party Wall award, both parties may jointly agree to settle any outstanding matters between them without the need for an award. In this case the building owner will usually still be liable for all reasonable Party Wall costs incurred up to the date where the parties notify the Party Wall surveyors of their intentions in writing.

The building owner will typically be responsible for any onsite costs and rectification of any damage caused to the neighbouring properties during the construction works. 

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